In April 1999, Regeneration started as a Bible study for people who had questions about God, but did not necessarily connect with church. Three months later, the study outgrew the tiny apartment where they had been meeting and moved to the back room of College Avenue's Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse.

The study thrived in its eclectic environment and welcomed the curious caffeine addicts who drifted in regularly. Eventually, the sound of the coffee grinders and the wanderings of restroom-seekers drove the would-be scholars to distraction and they set out to find a new dwelling.

That new home was a storage room. Though lacking glamour, heat, lighting, and ventilation, the study grew. It reached capacity, burst, and became a church. Regeneration opened in the iMusicast studios in March 2001, and then moved to the old, blue, shag-clad Seventh Day Adventist Church on Parker St. in Berkeley.

In the summer of 2004, Regeneration got its very own building on the corner of East 15th and 3rd in Oakland. Here, God continues to do His work today.

Throughout the changes over the years in size, format, and venue, Regeneration has remained true to its original purpose: to provide a home for people to seek out truth, worship God, be led by The Spirit, and participate in vibrant community.