The Regeneration Homeless Ministry (Cross Streets) seeks to reach the surrounding homeless population by both providing a Sunday morning street church/ breakfast to the homeless and by reaching out to the surrounding homeless encampments.

We believe in using a non-confrontational approach in helping the individuals we encounter. We endeavor to demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion through real and genuine relationship. Our goal is to not merely provide food and hygiene kits but to develop authentic friendships. Furthermore, the good news story of Jesus Christ and His saving, healing and redemptive power is frequently made known to our homeless population in a way that meets people where they’re at.

We acknowledge that the issues impacting the homeless population are complex and therefore within our approach we utilize interagency work. This can be seen in our working collaboratively with both Christian and non-Christian agencies in order to help homeless individuals avail of necessary supports such as homeless shelters, employment services, harm reduction services, rehabilitation programs, mental health services, housing, medical support and more.


Street Church Breakfast
Sundays 7:00 AM- 8:45 AM

In our weekly Sunday Street Church Breakfast, we serve food to fill both the stomach and heart to our homeless community. We desire to build real relationships, make a welcome space, and provide a place for the community to share news on encampments or resources. 

Kitchen preparations begin at 7:00 AM and breakfast is served at 8:00 AM. 

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Cross Streets Encampments Outreach — Currently on hiatus —
Saturdays, every two weeks
12:30 PM Kitchen Prep
1:30 PM Outreach to encampments

Every two weeks we lead an Encampments Outreach to the homeless community living in tent encampments. A team will bring hygiene kits, sack lunches, and will seek to build relationships with the homeless. Join in for any part of the day.

For more information or to help with needed donations for lunches or hygiene kits, contact