What is the Regeneration Internship program?

Our internship program is a leadership immersion experience for those desiring to serve in missional ministry in an urban church setting. Our desire is that this experience produces a deeper faith in Jesus, vocational and ministry direction, and a passion for urban, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church.

In our program you will serve, grow your leadership skills, and develop your character. The internship is a 25-40 hours a week commitment for one year and is unpaid. Regen will provide you with extremely affordable housing, and there are opportunities to fortify your income via part-time work and fundraising. 

What ministries will the internship focus on? 

We desire to build this experience around the passions and gifts of the intern. While discovering your giftedness to serve and lead is central to the internship, we wouldn’t ask you to lead worship , for example, if that’s not in your wheelhouse. Interns will work together with the internship director to determine placement and hours within the following areas of ministry:

• General church ministry (including small group leading, administration, and Sunday gatherings)

• Children’s and Youth ministry

• Justice ministry (including work with Oakland’s homeless and refugee populations)

• Neighborhood ministry (including our martial arts and senior center outreach programs)

• Worship and Arts ministry

What will a week look like in the internship?

Each intern will have a varying schedule, depending on their role in the church. You will work 6-8 hours each Sunday in your area of ministry. You will have weekly Bible study and learning opportunities with your internship mentor(s). You will be included in staff meetings.

You will also meet with your ministry team on a regular basis for planning and skill development.

Depending on your situation, the rest of your week will include community tasks within the intern house, part-time work or communicating with your donor support team, and one day completely o for Sabbath rest.

How could I be developed as a leader?

First, you will have ample opportunity to learn about life in a growing, urban church, and to get your hands dirty doing the work of the ministry. Nothing can beat the real-life experience that comes through serving a church body and the neighborhood around it.

Second, your character (heart) will be shaped by taking on the postures of a team member, community member, and servant. Living in community with and working alongside various, diverse people will create an array of opportunities for your heart to grow in Christ-like love.

Third, your mind (head) will challenged by the learning opportunities Regen will provide. Through reading and studying Scripture and books, and through other learning experiences (like conferences and meeting with local leaders) your understanding of theology, ministry, the church, and leadership will be expanded.

Our hope is that this model (hands, heart, head) provides a holistic training that strikes a balance between theory and practice.


To read more information on the internship, take a look at our 2017 Internship Brochure or contact admin@regenerationweb.com