Bryan and Cheryl - East Asia

Bryan and Cheryl
East Asia
Athletes in Action - Campus Crusade for Christ

Cheryl was involved with AIA as a student at UC Berkeley, interned with AIA at Berkeley after graduating, and then interned for a year with CCC in East Asia. Upon returning to the US, she joined staff full-time with AIA in 2006 and received 2 years of training at the AIA headquarters in Xenia, OH. Bryan came to know Christ through his track & field teammates at Miami University and as a result became very involved with AIA during college. He has been serving on AIA staff since 1997, and for the first 7 years served at Ohio State. After marrying Cheryl, he moved to Xenia, Ohio to be on campus there as Cheryl received her training. The course of each of our lives was greatly changed as a result of the ministry of AIA in college, and so we have the desire to give others the same opportunity we were given to know Christ through the platform of sport.
In February 2008, we moved to East Asia to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ through the platform of sport. Our main priority for the first year and a half was to learn the country's national language so that we can communicate with nationals in their heart language and be more effective in the sharing of our lives and of the gospel.  In Fall 2009, we started working full-time on a Sports University campus, engaging students in spiritual conversations, sharing our faith, discipling those who have come to know the Lord, and trusting God to raise up a generation of students who will have a heart to reach their own campus and eventually take our place and work us "out of a job."  God is doing an amazing work in the lives of these students - the harvest is truly plentiful and many hearts are open to the Gospel and many have come to know Christ. 

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Our names will not be listed since we are in a closed country, instead it will say International Staff and list our account number (0472549).